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Coastal Marketing

With all the buzz about social media and online marketing, do you ever wonder what is the best way to market your coastal business? Here are the tops 5 most important things to know about marketing your coastal company.

1. You NEED to be on Social Media

If you don't have an engaging social media presence, you're missing out on your biggest audience of potential customers. Facebook had 2.23 BILLION users as of 2018. That means 2.23 billion potential customers that you're missing out on if you're not on social media. You may think, "does anyone really go to Facebook to find a business?" The answer is an easy yes! Before choosing a business or company, most consumers like to check out companies on Facebook to see if they have good reviews or interesting posts. Having a social media presence is hands down the best way to reach new and continuing customers. What are you waiting for? Not sure where to start? We offer several Facebook Business Page starting packages to help you jump start your online audience!

2. Make Sure Your Website is Modern

You may think that as long as you have a website, you're doing fine with marketing your business. However, websites that were modern and cutting edge only a few years ago can now appear out of date and be difficult for customers to use. It's important to make sure your website has modern features, like being mobile adaptive. Being mobile adaptive, also known as mobile friendly, means users who visit your website on their phone will get a customized version of your website to make their viewing experience better for their mobile device. It's also important to keep photos updated and in high definition, so you're always putting your best foot forward!

3. SEO: Continuously Add Unique Custom Content

Have you heard of SEO, Search Engine Optimization? Its a term used to describe how well your website and social media sites perform when someone searches for a business like yours. There are several important factors to SEO, such as keywords, original content, and traffic. By far, the best way to improve your Google ranking, and how often potential customers find your business through Google searching, is to consistently post useful, unique content to your website and social media page. When Google sees unique content online, it improves your SEO score and you move closer to finding new customers! We offer several SEO content packages, with unique content geared toward your customers!

4. Connect With Customers

Social media is the best way to connect with new and existing customers, but in order to keep them interested, you need to be posting once or twice a week... but not just any old post. It's important to post quality content that your users will find valuable. Posting a plain text status, or a random link, may actually turn off potential customers, rather than gain their loyalty. Useful, interesting content is the cornerstone of a successful social media page. Things like relevant photos, custom marketing videos, unique local blogs, and other interesting multi-media posts make the best content! Creating so much custom content can be time consuming, so you might want to consider hiring a content specialist to help plan and schedule your posts!

5. Keep it Light and Fun!

If you live or work on the Forgotten Coast, then you know visitors and customers are usually in the area to have a good time. Keep your website and social media content light and fun. Provide important information, but do it as simply as possible! Nobody wants to read an entire paragraph just to figure out what hours your business is open, instead, try to keep your information concise and efficient, while still providing what your customers need!

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