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5 Keys to Social Media Success

You can have the best business or service on the market, but unless people know it exists, that business can't grow to its full potential. Most companies have a website, but did you know that social media pages often see more online traffic from potential customers? Knowing what to focus on when it comes to perfecting your business's social media pages can help maximize online customer leads and improve your brand's image. Here are a few tips to make sure your social media pages are helping your business reach its potential.

Keep It Simple

Nobody gets on social media to read a novel. The longer your posts, the less impact they will make. If your posts are too long to catch the interest of potential customers as they scroll past it on their feed, then it's not going to help your business. Try to keep your posts short and meaningful. One or two sentences is the longest your posts should usually be.

Don't Spam Your Follower

Posting regularly is important, but be careful not to spam your customers. Nobody wants to see a post every day from the same company. People are smart, and they know when they are being advertised to. Since your social media pages are representing a company, your followers won't tolerate frequent posts that lack useful information or entertaining media. When it comes to posting on a business's social media pages, go for quality over quantity. Usually, 2-3 posts per week, of quality, useful, or entertaining content, is the best way to maximize your clicks-per-post and get the most out of your marketing.

Use Visuals

Posts with images or videos attached get WAY more views, more engagement, and a much wider reach, compared to plain text posts. When posting on your business page, it's good practice to consider adding visual aids to most, if not all, of your posts. For every 10 posts, at least 8 or 9 should include a related photo or video.

Stick With Brand Image

Make sure your posts match your brand's image. If your company is a funeral home, for instance, you should never posts silly things. Whereas if you run a bounce house for kids, all of your posts should be fun and bright. Decide on your brand's image, set your standards, and stick to it.

Interact In A Positive Way

Social media is a great place to connect and engage with customers and potential customers, but it is inevitably also a place where unhappy customers go to vent. When you get negative reviews or comments on your business's page, do you have a plan for how to respond? If your answer is no, then your first goal should be to open up a new document on the computer, and write up a few generic responses for when things go bad on your social media page. It doesn't matter whether the customer is wrong or right, the fact is that your social media page is public, and your reaction to negative comments and complaints on your business page will set the tone on your page and for your business. This can make or break whether you get new customers who go to check social media before selecting which business to use. Make sure your response turns the negative into a positive. Need help deciding how to respond to social media complaints? Check out my blog post on how to prepare for negative comments.

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